it's all about passion for us, passion for leather, for making things last and for making dreams come true


By self learning in leather crafts we give ourselves the freedom to design our own products accordingly to our dream, a dream of creating bags and accessories to last a lifetime.


We made a promise to ourselves as to grow and thrive into a community oriented business, this is done by providing products to last, products made accordingly to our slow fashion oriented principles.


Growing together means more to us. We continually search for local providers of goods and services needed for our workshop and we are always open for new projects as long as this ads value and helps our community grow.

"making leather dreams come true since 2015."


just a few examples of what we do


we live in a world that consumes resources beyond its capabilities of regenerating them and this is visible in each area of production we see. it's about the waste, perfectly good and reusable commodities such as raw materials and even finished products are considered waits, obsolete and are simply thrown away.

we see value in all of these, therefore we managed to build our workshop entirely from used furniture, we refurbished and transformed many of our tools and we are constantly looking to reuse things that would otherwise have been thrown away after their initial first time use.

more than this, our main interest lies in the raw materials needed every day in our workshop,especially the leather we use witch comes mostly from large leather workshops and factories in all of Europe. this is leather left at the end of large production cycles which is usually left and forgotten in the factories warehouses and eventually would be thrown away. in 99% of the cases this is perfectly good quality leather just being considered waist, we consider this unacceptable and see value where others don't, we buy this leather and make sure its life cycle is completed by turning it into our products.

last but not least, the packaging! we ask our customers to join our effort into limiting waste as much as possible. we reuse all type of storage and delivery boxes, plastic, paper and cardboard and we give thanks to our customers that value more the product itself and what it takes to make it than the shiny box that it comes in.


a family business where family comes first

ERDELY MIHAI a.k.a Mike himself

dad, designer, self-taught leather crafter and slow fashion enthusiast

ERDELY MARINELA a.k.a Mary herself

mom, social media content advisor, product developer, traveler, slow fashion addict


CEO, COO, CFO, PR, Products & Parents Tester


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